MechanicalTurk Facial Landmarking Task


During this task you will be marking 66 points on an image of a face using the provided web based interface. To start the process you simply need to click on the button for the first point P1, then using the mouse select the corresponding point on the photograph of the face.

button image

The smaller example image to the left provides some guidance as to the correct, approximate location of each point. You should also notice that the example image illustrates the point that is currently selected for positioning (see example below) and when you select a different point the image and guidance will change correspondingly.

example image

If you have accidentally placed a point in an invalid position you may see a message similar to that shown in the image below. You must correct these warnings before you can submit the task.

example warning

Once you have marked ALL 66 points you will have completed the task and a submit button will be available.

submit task


This information will be used for academic research, by accepting this HIT you are giving permission for the information you have provided during this exercise to be used for this purpose.

Contact Information

If you have any further questions you can contact us directly through the Mechanical Turk Contact Requester link